Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

Hortatory Exposition


          What's going on with our planet? Do you ever hear about GLOBAL WARMING? Do you care about it? If you care for earth. READ and NOTICE!
Earth has lived for million years. In fact earth has been different like million years ago. We hav been entered modern life and we are all so depended on electronic. We can't life without electic light, but do you know the effect which causes that?
          Theese are causes from Global Warming.
         Carbon produced by electronical which can increase the temperature hotter. Beside that carbon make the weather become to abnormal . Obviously carbon can melt the ice in antartic ocean and atlantic ocean. That's very dangerous because water debiot up to the land.
          Plastic, do you know plastic? Yes, we are usually use it for do something and evryday we can't stop using plastic, right? For your information plastic can't destroy in short time.We need one hundred years for destroy plastic. The effect frpm plastic very dangerous for human, animal, plant and this world. Burned plastic can cause polution and also toxic if human breath that. A plastic which troed in the sea can kill many fish and another animal in the sea.
            Polution. Polution produced by transportation. We can reduce the polution if we want. Start from using the public transportation, using a bicycle to go somewhere not far, trow the rubbish in dump, and recycle the anorganic dump. If we often using the public transportation we can reduce of using fuels. One of example advebtage from that actually we can more health, burn your fat and have health life. Don't forget to plant plants to keep from flude and from sunlight which save us from ultraviolet A and B from the sun which can get skin cancer to human. Sooooooooo LETS WE HEALTH THE WORLD!!  

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