Kamis, 03 November 2011

White Horse

I’m offically a second semester senior and is really looking foward to college and graduation even thou I’m still not sure as to where exactly I’ll be next year XD. But I know I’ll be in a place where God places me to be happy :]
Well my cat is offically my cat, she has grown very fond of me I have learned her ways and in ways she has learned mine. She is my special one in my life haha.. Anywho I’ve been puting all my extra energy towards her trying to find her a good vet (if she needs one), finding a place for her to get spayed (hopefully I still have time) I texted him asking if his dog was nurtured and was wondering where they took him but he never replied.. somethng tells me he is avoiding me I don’t know when I’m ready hes not *sigh* we vowed to be friends i guess that couldn’t be kept either I really hope this isn’t becuz of his signifcant other because that would be plainly immature and stupid. But whatever I’ll live.
Well recently began to have feelings for someone that well not suppose to or rather shoudln’t. Somewhat of my superior and well just inapporpriate. Prior to him its been hard for me to feel anythng for anyone.. i like so and so for a week and so and so for another somewhat unable to fully have that feeling. But this one seems to stay and I’m resisting and well, its working. Doesn’t take a whole lot so eh.
Well I’m putting everything in the hands of fate whatever that is destined for me well come it’s way just focus on what is ahead of me now.

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